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Core Values

At Dimensions, we strive for excellence by providing evidence-based practices in pediatric intervention. Our goals are well-defined, tracked periodically, and documented to provide a road map to success.


Team Approach

In order for a child to progress adequately, the clinician and parent/caregiver need to work together as a team. We strongly believe parents play a key role in decision-making and that parents must work with their children at home, daily, by carrying over what was suggested in therapy to optimize progress. We can help you with a home plan periodically or daily based on your schedules and child's needs.

We believe in supporting one another with honest and constructive feedback with mutual respect. 

Parent Support

Progress takes time and we understand it can be overwhelming for families to navigate alone. We believe parent empowerment is key to a child’s success; and therefore, we provide parent coaching through our courses and consistent one-to-one interaction.


Our therapists are keen to share with you all they have planned and executed in their sessions and suggest ways to embed them at home. We encourage you to ask questions and learn more about the strategies and techniques used in therapy

We are here to give you our best, are you ready to join hands with us?



Ms. Chitra Thadathil, MSc (Speech and Hearing), is a speech-language
pathologist, renowned expert in Oral Sensory-Motor Therapy, and the
founder and director of Dimensions Centre for Child Development. Since
2003, she has extensively worked among children with Autism and other
developmental delays.
She is the only Speech-Language Pathologist In India with certification in
SOS Approach to Feeding and Beckman Oral Motor Assessment &

Ms. Chitra Thadathil lectures locally and nationally, on subjects: Autism
Intervention, Oral Sensory-Motor Intervention for Feeding and Speech
Clarity, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and other childhood speech-sound
disorders. Families from around the country and the world travel to DCCD
to participate in her intensive and specialized therapy programs.

International Certifications:-

  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention
  • Floortime
  • SOS Approach to feeding (Star Institute, University of California)
  • PROMPT (PROMPT Institute)
  • Feeding Therapy (Talk Tools)
  • Oral Placement Therapy (Level 1 & 2, Talk Tools)
  • Sensory Integration (Level 1 & 4, USC)


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