Speech Therapy

Teletherapy is a method of service delivery where a therapist provides assessment, lesson plan, and treatment to various disorders using online platforms.

Some of the BENEFITS of pediatric teletherapy are:

  • Enables parent and child to take therapy sessions from the COMFORT of their home.
  • If your child’s favorite therapists live in a different city, they can still connect with them through online platforms.
  • Parents get to learn along with their child as they get trained to be their child’s co-therapist in the process of facilitating in teletherapy sessions.
  • For some children teletherapy is a reward as they get to work on their laptops or desktops which otherwise might be restricted in their homes.
  • Children who are otherwise hyperactive or inattentive during in-person sessions may have better attention if they are visual learners.
  • Limits travel time and traffic congestion in bigger cities.
  • Most online platforms have recording options. Therapy sessions can be recorded for future references.
  • Therapy sessions do not disrupt even during a pandemic or an epidemic.
  • Teletherapy sessions do not require the child to stay glued to their seats or screens. They can enjoy movement directed by their therapist to keep them regulated.


A high-speed internet is recommended for uninterrupted connection. A slow broadband can cause disruptions and may result in a bumpy therapy session. A further recommendation is that other devices that require the support of home internet connection are if possible, turned off, for best connectivity.

A desktop or laptop is a preferred option over an iPad or a mobile phone. Children oftentimes play with these hand held devices and would never want to give up their control over these devices during teletherapy. They would want to continue to be in charge, as result may show signs of disinterest, lack attention and compliance in teletherapy sessions.

A headset or speaker is highly recommended to provide audio clarity for children taking online sessions. If children have to work too hard to hear what their therapists are saying to them, they may lose their interest in no time. In the event of using a head set ensure that sound levels are just audible and not too loud as high intensities can impair their hearing sensitivity.

Tech set up in teletherapy needs careful consideration for children to reap best benefits out of their teletherapy sessions. When children are supported with highspeed internet, the right device and good headsets or speakers they will enjoy their sessions and will certainly show significant progress.

Teletherapy sessions for children have several advantages. Research studies show that children benefit from teletherapy sessions as much as they do from an in-person session. Teletherapy is not a different service, but a different method of service delivery.



Chitra Thadathil

Founder Director, DCCD

Sr. Speech Language Pathologist

Bangalore, India.



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