Online Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Young Children

Oral Sensory Motor Intervention
Online Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Young Children

Online Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Young Children

There are several possibilities with advancement of technology in the field of speech and hearing. One among them is Oral Sensory Motor Intervention - an umbrella term for Oral Placement Therapy, Beckman Oralmotor Assessment and Intervention etc.

 An SLP who specialises in oral sensory motor therapy can help your child with:

  1. Jaw grading
  2. Lip seal at rest
  3. Nasal breathing
  4. Range of tongue movement
  5. Strengthening of cheek muscles
  6. Feeding
  7. Speech Clarity

 Here are some of the strategies we use online for best Oral Sensory Motor Intervention:

  1. Have you to practice the exercises on yourself, before working on your child.
  2. Facilitate you in administering the exercises on your child, while mentoring you via the online.
  3. Prevent any compensatories that children may use during the process for their safety and maximum efficacy.
  4. Ask you to record using one or two cameras while you carry out your home work/ home paln.
  5. Empower you to be your child’s co-therapist, by teaching you strategies .

You must ensure that your therapist is knowledgeable and offering you with the right strategies.


Chitra Thadathil

Founder & Director, DCCD

Creator of the Oral Sensory Motor Intervention Courses

Sr. Speech Language Pathologist


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