Intrinsic Motivation: Key to Successful Online Therapy

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Intrinsic Motivation: Key to Successful Online Therapy

“My child won’t look at the screen.” - A worried mom

“He is too hyperactive to sit for online classes” - Another worried dad

I probably lost count on the number of times I’ve heard parents share their anxiety about their child using online therapy (also known as teletherapy). These parents are now enjoying the benefits of online therapy and some prefer to continue  even when the lockdown is lifted. 

Here is our secret mantra: THE CHILD’S INTRINSIC MOTIVATION!

The internal satisfaction that is experienced by humans as a result of exploring the environment, creating something, or gaining knowledge and information or enjoying what they love is called intrinsic motivation. In other words being deeply interested in doing something, because it makes you feel good on the inside.

So here is what we do in our online sessions that make them stand out, effective and efficient. 

Before we start working on a child’s speech, language and/ or activities of daily living; we first identify the child’s deep interests and engage them meaningfully.

It can be through nursery rhymes, playing with lego toys, enjoying some movement and dance, or bringing in their favourite toy to show their therapist! In an online or an in-person session, we don’t want the child to look at us because he gets a reward and there is demand; rather, we want the child look at us because, we are exciting, we are fun to be with and it feels good on the inside to spend time with us. 

Researchers have identified that intrinsic motivation decreased with monetary rewards, the avoidance of punishment, desired rewards and close supervision. On the other hand, giving a choice about the activities and positive feedback about performance increased intrinsic motivation.

Our online sessions are built on child-lead learning, what deeply interests a child, and positivity to help children navigate successfully.

If you have not yet taken our online sessions yet, call us today for your FREE trial.

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