How To Refine Writing And Typing Skills In Children Using Clay/ Theraputty?

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How To Refine Writing And Typing Skills In Children Using Clay/ Theraputty?

Writing skills were believed to be one among the most essential life skills for students, and following the pandemic, typing has become equally important as well!

In this blog, we will address the use of clay/ theraputty to help improve hand functions for both writing and typing. During Clay Play, children apply resistance and use various finger movements that can refine fine motor skills by strengthening intrinsic muscles; thereby, increasing endurance for prolonged writing, typing, and colouring.

In occupational therapy practice, we use clay as a multipurpose tool to advance fine motor skills and sensory play. We have listed EIGHT activities to help parents and professionals working with children who may have difficulties in appropriate pencil grasp and/ or typing. 

  1. Have your child hold a large portion of clay in the palm of their hand and squeeze it with their fingers - improves grasping power of the hand
  2. Pinch small pieces of clay from a large piece using all five fingers- improves finger strength
  3. Pinch the clay between the thumb and pointer (can be done with the thumb and other fingers as well) - improves tip to tip grasp
  4. Roll small balls of clay between the thumb, pointer and middle fingers - improves tripod grasp
  5. Roll a ball of clay into a long snake with two hands –improves bilateral co-ordination and fine motor control
  6. Poke clay with pointer finger - improves finger isolation, especially for children who are unable to point
  7. Roll a long “snake” with clay and follow it up by making alphabets using it - improves eye hand co-ordination, letter recognition and fine motor control
  8. Smashing the clay into a large flat disk, draw and have your child cut across with a scissor - improves continued snip with scissors and visual tracking  

With these activities at your disposal, you could use at least one suggested activity a day for an entire week without having to repeat them monotonously. Not that you shouldn’t do all of them on the same day! It depends on your child’s needs and their interests. We are certain that, the activities listed here will prove helpful to you. Write to us or contact us at +91 9880146677 for consultations or any enquiry.

Disclaimer: The activities listed here are to help parents with ideas and tips, and not suggested treatment in itself.

Balasubramaninan, OT

Chitra Thadathil, SLP

Dimensions Centre for Child Development


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