How to use pre-spoons in feeding therapy

Feeding Therapy
How to use pre-spoons in feeding therapy

Pre-spoons are a great tool to progress from suckling to spoon feeds for children with reduced oral motor control and sensory processing disorders.

The thick handle provides better grip to self-feed and can be more comfortably held by children with delays and deficits in fine motor control.

The textured bowl of the spoon can offer proprioceptive input facilitating a better lip seal around the spoon to sweep off food.

The flat and thick spoon bowls further promote better oral motor control essential to seal lips around the spoon while sweeping of the food from the surface.

The spoons come as a pack of two and can be placed one over the other to facilitate lip seal for children with an open jaw.

In an Indian context, we typically use hands to feed and may bypass spoon feeding altogether, which may not affect a child who is typically developing. However, in feeding therapy for children with sensory motor challenges, we recommend spoon feeding, as it aids and makes transitioning to other important steps in feeding therapy much easier.


Chitra Thadathil

Speech Language Pathologist



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