Neutral Warmth

Occupational Therapy
Neutral Warmth

Neutral warmth acts through stimulating the thermoreceptors and activating parasympathetic responses. It is one of the best calming techniques and the most commonly used methods to inhibit postural tone and muscle activity for autistic children and those with a diagnosis of ADHD.

Usually, 10-20 minutes is a sufficient duration to produce an effect. 

Materials needed for neutral warmth:

  • Bedsheet/ blanket
  • Therapy ball/ pillow

Procedure: Spread the bed sheet or blanket on the floor or the bed, and have the child lie down on one corner of the blanket in the supine position and roll the blanket tightly around him/ her (should cover from shoulder to feet).


  • Should not wrap the blanket tightly around the neck of the child
  • The child should be able to breathe and speak comfortably
  • Pressure should be moderate, and should not cause discomfort to the child
  • Do not apply pressure over the chest, abdomen, and genitals.

 Who does it benefit

  • Children who are hyperactive and restlessness
  • Children who are proprioceptive seeking
  • Children who are tactile seeking
  • Children who are hypertonic 

Ensure that neutral warmth is provided under the supervision of a trained occupational therapist.

Compiled by,

Balasubramanian (Occupational Therapist)

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