Comprehensive Sensory Motor Intervention for Pediatric Feeding Difficulties

OBJECTIVES 1. Deliver a comprehensive intervention approach that views the child holistically, moving beyond the mere examination of their oral cavity. 2. Empower clinicians with a profound comprehension of the six core foundational skills imperative…

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Milestones Use the checklist below to know if your child’s speech and language development is progressing age adequately. By one year Gestures and/ or vocalizes to indicate wants and needs By two years Combines two or more words in to phrase By three…

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Neurodiversity Affirming Assessment

Neurodiversity - Terminology and Beliefs Formal and Informal Assessments Strength-Based Goal Setting and Intervention Parent/ Caregiver Support (Indian Context) Registration closes on 7th December 2023 at 10 pm. Venue Webinar. A link will be sent before…

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Working together with other children can help children who, Enjoy other kids around for inspiration and team work Feel lonely and not know why other kids are ignoring or not playing with them Can communicate and interact one-one, but have difficulties…

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At Dimensions, we strive for excellence by providing evidence-based practices in pediatric intervention. Our goals are well-defined, tracked periodically, and documented to provide a road map to success.…

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