Sensory Processing Disorders and delays in gross motor and fine motor functioning, consequently can affect activities of Daily Living (ADL) in children.

Sensory Processing Difficulties

Children with sensory processing difficulties show following signs and symptoms – just a few or all of them.

  • An overall dislike to be touched or kissed
  • An aversion towards sticky items such as stickers and glue which typically children enjoy
  • Bump into others or objects
  • Problems with coordination and organisation
  • Inability to focus or concentrate on task at hand
  • Difficulty in writing legibly
  • Activity levels are either high (hyperactive) or low (under reactive – seem to appear lazy)
  • Feeding difficulties

Our occupation therapist can help children with sensory integration, ADL, and overall strengthening and postural stability.

Gross Motor & Fine Motor Delays

Gross motor difficulties include delays in crawling, sitting independently, walking, running jumping, balancing or skipping.

Fine motor skills are essential to be able to write, hold a spoon and feed self, button a shirt, zip and unzip independently.

Our Occupational Therapists can help children overcome gross motor and fine motor delays.

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