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ORAL SENSORY MOTOR INTERVENTION FOR PEDIATRIC FEEDING DIFFICULTIES We have offered ‘Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Pediatric Feeding Difficulties’ thrice in the last two years and over 240+ professionals have benefitted from it.  This course is…

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Sensory Processing Disorders and delays in gross motor and fine motor functioning, consequently can affect activities of Daily Living (ADL) in children. Sensory Processing Difficulties Children with sensory processing difficulties show following signs…

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Oral Sensory Motor Intervention

Oral Sensory Motor Intervention is an umbrella term for Oral Placement Therapy, PROMPT, Beckman Oralmotor Assessment and Intervention etc, which can help improve:1. Jaw grading2. Lip seal at rest3. Nasal breathing4. Range of tongue movement5. Strengthening…

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Online Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Young Children

Online Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Young Children Since 2014, we have been offering therapies ONLINE via Zoom/ Skype/ Google meet for families that stayed geographically far away from us. With the surge of the pandemic, more and more families…

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At Dimensions, we strive for excellence by providing evidence-based practices in pediatric intervention. Our goals are well-defined, tracked periodically, and documented to provide a road map to success.…

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